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Thursday, November 27, 2008

"How to NOT gain weight this holiday season! Guaranteed!"


So my inbox and teh interwebz seem to be full, the past few days, of articles on "how to avoid gaining weight over the holiday", "how to not blow your diet during Thanksgiving and Christmas", "how to keep added holiday pounds to a minimum", and, finally, "how to prepare to lose that holiday weight!"

Say what?

I have a suggestion ... why don't you exercise some self control and NOT eat like a pig at the trough over the holidays?

Ohhh, Blue, you say; harsh!

Nope.  Practical.

There's no reason whatsoever why a normal person can't get through the holidays without gaining weight. Why do you eat so much?  Is there any sane reason why normally sensible people will eat six times the amount of food required for an adult at Thanksgiving (and Christmas, and the days after each)?

"But I LOVE strained beet casserole", you wail, "and mom always puts raisins and marshmallows on top! And I can only get it during the holidays so I eat as much as possible!"

Why?  If you love it so much, why don't you make it all year?

"It's special!  It's the holidays! I deserve to eat nice things in huge quantities!  It makes me happy!"

So, we have become so overindulged that we think we are entitled to gorge ourselves pleasurably (for the 6 minutes it takes to eat those 4 servings of Mom's Marshmallowy Beet Casserole)  because it's a certain day of the year?

That makes no sense to me.  But, ya know what?  It doesn't have to.

People really are entitled to come together two days of the year (whether they want to or not) and turn perfectly healthy foods like green beans, sweet potatoes, and turkey into calorie and fat laden crap.  They are allowed to eat more food than an Ethiopian child sees in a year (and toss twice that into the trash afterwards).  It's a free country.

But you shouldn't get to whine afterwards!

You have control over your own self.  Why not eat normal portions of everything you really love?  Why not gather up the cousins and take a long walk through the neighbourhood before supper?  Turn off the stupid televisions, break out the red wine, and put on some dance music.

If you're cooking, why not baste with broth that's been skimmed of fat rather than melted butter?  Why not skim milk, artificial sweetener, and lo-fat cheese?  Try different recipes for calorie bombs like sweet potato casserole.  Bake that turkey and save wodges of money on that horrible peanut oil that you'll just dump out afterward.

And while we're at it, how about freezing the turkey bones to boil for stock?  Make up a plate or 2 or 4 for elderly neighbours. Veggies cooked plain like corn, beans, peas, and carrots can be tossed in the freezer for soups rather than dumped into the disposal.  Unopened and uneaten bread or rolls or canned goods?  Donate tomorrow to your local battered women's shelter.  Those girls are just thankful they have a safe place to be.

The holidays don't have to be an orgy of overindulgence followed by agonising over how much money was spent and weight gained.  They can be fun and thrifty and healthy. 

Try it.
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a funny

Even lolcats diet!

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stone age sickies?

So I encountered my first major head-scratcher with the Paleolithic lifestyle.

I managed to get the gastrointestinal virus from hell on Friday and by that night I was hanging over the toilet, puking my guts out.  Yuck!  It lingered on first with just ocassional yarking, and then just the queasies.  All of this was accompanied by diarreah, too.  w00t.

On Sunday, the first day I felt like eating again, I was confuzzled by what, exactly, to eat.

I mean, everything you think of as mild, bland, and non-stomach-offending is starchy and carb-laden: soda crackers, dry toast, plain potatoes, pasta without sauce.  The powers-that-be even recommend the BRAT diet after illness (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast).  But both the banana and the applesauce have almost 30g of carbs and I try to keep under 35 carbs per day.

The thought of my normal snack foods - pork rinds, beef jerky, nuts, etc - seemed too salty to me.  String cheese was an option but the thought made me queasy.  I considered some soft-cooked veg faves like broccoli or cauliflower, but the smell got to me (don't know why, I normally love the smell of veg cooking - even cabbage!) Fruit was out as the sweet taste made me nauseated.

So what does a Paleo with a dicey tum eat?

I finally settled on turkey. Roasted turkey breast is mild and not at all fatty.  I cut it into bite-sized chunks and ate it cold, sipping diet ginger ale along with it. Much success!

So now I know what to have on hand if I'm ill: tissue, trash can, wooley socks, old episodes of Heroes, turkey!
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