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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interesting comparison

Just for giggles, I took a pic of my DH, Bodog's, and my meal last night for comparison / contrast and so he could blog it on The Chi of Cheese (his food reveiw blog).

Well, as I was resizing the pics, I began thinking about the calorie differences, etc, and thought it deserved a blog post. I'm dieting and he's not - otherwise our meals would have been more alike - so it's a good example of just how many calories you can save while getting a similar meal.

Here the buns await burgerage. Any differences leap out at ya, LOL? can you guess which plate is mine? That bowl next to his plate contains about 1/4c of hotdog chili, BTW:

Here're the finished products:

Here's the breakdown:


Great Value buns 100cal each (2)
Great Value frozen hb patties 280cal ea (2)
Sam's american cheese slices 50cal ea (2)
Great Value mayo 100cal / tablespoon (4 tblsp)(!)
GV chili sauce 15cal / tablespoon (4 tblsp)

>>1320 calories<<


Merita light wheat buns 80cal each (2)
Boca meatless burgers 100cal ea (2)
Kraft 2% sharp cheddar slices 50cal (1)(half slice each burger)
Kraft fat free mayo 10cal (half tablespoon each burger)

>>420 calories<<

Holy cow!

Notice how, in order to save calories I had to spend money. Almost everything on my ingredient list is an expensive brand name (*big sad face*). In order to duplicate real hamburgers you have to make that choice. This is my "special reward meal" that I allow myself. Obviously buying brand names and/or dropping loads of money is not something I do very much!

The thrifty version of this meal would be no mayo or cheese (at all) and the soyburger in a low fat pita. Still delicious ... but not a burger.

Here's Bodog's specific post, with comments, on the Chi of Cheese. Hilarious!

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